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Grab your cup of coffee, your glass of wine, or whatever your choice of drink is and cozy on up and get a closer look at what my studio is really all about and how it serves the WHOLE person.

She Was Looking To Increase Her Confidence | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Feelings of insecurity and self-doubt are emotions that most women struggle with throughout their lives because the mainstream media only prominently displays images of celebrities after full hair and makeup, professional styling, after their body is in amazing shape because they workout 6 days a week with personal trainers and they only eat what their personal chef prepares for them. We often don't see an abundance of these models and celebrities after they just rolled out of bed or what they look like walking their dog. We only see an overwhelming number of fully glamorized images.

Seeing these overly glamorized photographs of women whose job it is to look their very best every time they step in front of a camera is simply not a realistic or fair standard to set ourselves up against, but most all of us do it. We look in the mirror and when we see a hard-working mom with a top knot bun in yoga pants and a spit up stain on our shirt, we definitely feel less than confident. But our job isn't to look like a celebrity 24/7 with personal trainers, private chefs, personal stylists, and daily professional hair and makeup, yet we still subconsciously hold ourselves to that standard, which causes our confidence to be depleted to the point we hate what we see in the mirror.

I welcomed a client into the boudoir studio who told me this,

"My biggest struggle? Self confidence. I’ve ALWAYS hated my body. I would look in the mirror and just cry because I didn't like the way I looked."

That statement broke my heart because she definitely wasn't seeing the version of her that I was seeing! I was on a mission to use my expertise in lighting, posing, and styling to show this gorgeous mom that she had every reason to feel the confidence she craved. Below are some of the boudoir photos we created during her photoshoot experience.

Are you curious what this gorgeous lady had to say after her boudoir experience with Lunar Body Boudoir. Read on, friends...

"After years of following Jill & Lunar Body, I finally took a leap of faith and scheduled my 1st session with Jill. I am SO grateful I did! Jill made me feel beautiful, sexy, empowered, and I finally found the confidence I never had. She made me feel so comfortable and we had a blast doing this shoot!

If you’re contemplating doing a photoshoot, DO IT!! Stop hesitating and GO FOR IT! I promise, you won’t regret it! "

If you can relate to this client's feelings of lacking confidence and wanting to prove to herself that she absolutely is beautiful in every way, fill out the contact form and Cat or me will be in touch to provide you with all the details of our signature beauty and boudoir experience!

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