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Grab your cup of coffee, your glass of wine, or whatever your choice of drink is and cozy on up and get a closer look at what my studio is really all about and how it serves the WHOLE person.

She Scheduled A Boudoir Photoshoot To Prove To Herself She Was Worth It | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

If you read my previous blog post and learned a little more about me and how I found out that a boudoir photoshoot held so much transformative power, then you'll have some insight into this client's transformative experience during her session.

I remember my first conversation with her during our initial consult call. She was sweet, energetic, but she questioned if she could really pull this off. She is a mother to three little ones and goes to school full-time for nursing, so to say that her schedule is busy and that she is tired is an understatement.

She told me that her 30th birthday was approaching and shared with me a narrative that many of you, myself included, could relate to. She was in school, met who she thought would be her forever partner, grew a family, lived abroad, and was struggling to keep an unhealthy relationship alive for the sake of her children. With her birthday just a month away from the date of our call, I encouraged her to truly celebrate herself this year and shared my own story of how I ran myself ragged until my cup was empty and I was ready to call it quits.

I think she heard the authenticity in my voice and could all-too-closely relate to what I had been through so she booked herself a birthday session to celebrate HER because she earned it and she's worth it!

I connected so deeply with her story that I could ramble on and on but, instead, I'll let you read what she wrote in her own words. (her words are found below the gallery)

"It was my 30th birthday and i wanted to prove to myself that I could be this vulnerable and beautiful and prove to myself that I deserved to be pampered even if it was for one day.

How would you describe your self-esteem and self-confidence prior to your photo session and how is it now?I know now that the person I thought I was, was just a projection of others opinions and expectations of me instead of the person I knew who I was. I now feel unstoppable and worthy and beyond beautiful and absolutely divine. I feel like myself again.

If you were to recommend booking a boudoir session with me to your best friend or someone who is on the fence, what would you say?Jill is this amazing woman who will bring out your inner goddess, the one that we all like to bury once life becomes crazy. She is a godsend and absolute perfection in her craft. She reminded me of my inner goddess and my strength."

If you're ready to feel worthy, beautiful, unstoppable, and be reminded that you, too, are truly divine, then I want to personally invite you to find out more details about our signature photoshoot experience by scheduling a brief 10 minute phone call. It's a no-obligation chat simply designed to allow me to more personally connect with you and provide you with information so you can make a decision if our studio experience is what you're looking for.

Love yourself and love others.


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