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Grab your cup of coffee, your glass of wine, or whatever your choice of drink is and cozy on up and get a closer look at what my studio is really all about and how it serves the WHOLE person.

Our Lunar Body Boudoir Family is Growing | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

My body is a machine. I almost never get sick...I birthed 4 babies naturally… Then I got kidney stones. Multiple both kidneys. With my personality, I’m used to doing everything myself, but as I was doubled over in pain, crawling to the bathroom, I realized that I am not able to pass kidney stones and serve my clients with the luxury they expect.

I had been thinking about hiring someone else for a long time, but my kidney stones reminded me that (in spite of myself) I can’t control everything. And, so, the search began to hire an associate! (Talk about “growing pains”!)

I didn’t have to wait too long. The universe gave me a gift and sent me exactly what I needed…

I’m so excited and full of gratitude to introduce Cat Palmer to the Lunar Body Boudoir family. She’s been doing portrait photography and cinematography for years now. She’s talented and technically proficient, but I needed more than that and Cat delivered. She’s smart, with a background in HR and the legal field.

Ok, so, she’s smart and can shoot. What else? This was a big X Factor to fill and, once again, Cat’s got it. She has a heart of gold. (That’s tough to prove, but you can ask any one of her ten younger siblings that she’s helped raise, or any of the kids that she’s been entrusted to advocate for, since she’s also a guardian ad litem here in Florida.)

It didn’t take long to realize that Cat is an absolutely amazing fit in our community of strong women. She’s battle-tested with a heart of gold and the know-how to get those amazing shots we all love.

And maybe the most important aspect of Cat is that she gets it. She gets the why… Every woman comes in for different reasons, but a lot of them boil down to the idea that every woman wants to see themselves (and be seen) as beautiful. That’s not only why I hired Cat, but why I love her...and you will too. She’s strong and smart and a good person. And now she’s family. Welcome to the family, Cat!

Help me welcome this beauty to the family by leaving her a welcoming comment or two below!

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