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I Thought I Wasn't The Right Size For a Photoshoot Like This | Tampa, Florida Women's Photographer

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Many women think they have to be in the best shape of their life, a certain age, or a particular size in order to have a portrait session done, but that thinking couldn't be further from the truth. Body image insecurities and self-doubt - I'd venture to say that most women on the planet have battled with these issues at some point in their life and this particular client was no exception.

She contacted me wanting to have beauty and boudoir-style portraits created for herself because she wanted to have the opportunity to feel more confident with her body and to see herself as beautiful in the skin she's in and I happily accepted.

We planned her photoshoot to show her beauty, femininity, and joy and I think we achieved that!

In her own words, "I was not confident in myself that I could ever look and feel good about myself. I never thought I was a good size or I didn’t know how to pose. My biggest fear before the photoshoot was that I had to be perfect. Jill was amazing. I felt welcomed, we laughed, she invested herself in my session and made me feel beautiful in everything I put on."

"I realized I am enough and that I needed to do this to remind myself that I am beautiful and beauty comes in different walks of life. My self-esteem was okay but after this shoot I felt amazing. I found myself wearing more attractive things including outfits I never would have put on before. I took self pride and woke up everyday realizing that I am beautiful!"

"If you are considering a beauty or boudoir photoshoot for yourself you will not regret it and that everyone deserves it! I would like to personally thank Jill for being understanding, working and contacting me. She made me feel so comfortable. She has made me want to do this at least once a year. It is amazing! "

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