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A Story of How Her Boudoir Photos Helped Her Grow | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

In her own words...

"I wanted to share what I just wrote on my page. Jill is amazing and truly a blessing. Thank you for being you and your session for giving me this new feeling inside. What you do everyday is truly amazing and it is a pleasure to have meet you!

"It's taken me some time to write this because it's not like me to be vulnerable for everyone to see. Those that truly know me know I have struggled with my self-confidence. There are times I just am not happy with my body or how I look. I decided to do a photoshoot of just me and it was truly the best experience of my life. Models who do this stuff for a living omg its so hard but so fun at the same time. I spent 4 hours getting my hair and makeup done; changing into 3 different outfits; and putting myself in the most uncomfortable positions possible to have the best pictures possible. The photographer kept telling me that I was beautiful and that they were coming out great. Of course in my mind I'm like whatever she has to say that. I guess she could see the skepticism on my face because she got off the chair she was standing on and showed me a couple of the raw photos. No edits just straight from the camera. What I saw there were no words to describe. I saw myself in a completely different light. I saw what my husband sees every time he looks at me. We had to stop for a second because the tears just ran down my face. It was so empowering!

That experience was WAY out of my comfort zone and it truly empowered me to see myself in a different light, but more than that it reminded that the best things in life come when you are out of your comfort zone. You grow so much when you push your own limits. That experience is what helped me to take the leap and join Pure Romance. That experience is why I have been able to wear more dresses that I would never have worn before (as well as the PR items making me more comfortable when I do wear them 😁). That experience is why I am more confident than I have ever been. Ive always been good at hiding my insecurities and portraying this confident woman that nothing can shake, but this experience has showed me that its okay to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable allows you to grow.

Now I still have some insecurities as we woman always do; however, now when I get in my head I am able to say to myself "shut up you are beautiful". I have photos that will forever remind me just how beautiful I am."

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