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Grab your cup of coffee, your glass of wine, or whatever your choice of drink is and cozy on up and get a closer look at what the studio is really all about and how it serves the WHOLE person. Mind, Body, and Spirit.  

Hey, friends. 

We're Jill & Cat.
Your photographers and 
personal hype girls.

Between the two of us, we've photographed hundreds of beauty and boudoir photoshoots and while each woman is unique in her own way, we've found a common denominator. 

They have all wanted to look and feel good in the skin they're in, they want to feel enough, worthy, and beautiful.  And I recognize that beauty is more than skin deep. 

For you to truly feel beautiful you have to love yourself inside AND out! 

This blog is where we discuss all things related to beauty and boudoir photoshoot experiences, and also address topics around mind, body, and spirit.  

We serve ALL of you because I want you to know you are perfect in every way, you're worthy, and you deserve to feel phenomenal inside and out.



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